Famous for Eating Pizza

Some foolish coast living liberals may be asking: “why eat gas station pizza?” It’s kind of like asking “why eat Halloween candy?” The answer should be obvious. It’s delicious, full of salt and fat, and it’s everywhere. Until my brain stops telling me it is going to make me happy, I will carry my Midwest banner of pride with my grease laden hands, proclaiming the glory of eating a slice of pepperoni, bacon, and sausage, with a doughnut and a chocolate milk, while you wait for your gas tank to fill.

Why go to every single case’s and try every single pizza? Well that is a more interesting question. While Casey’s itself is a staple of Midwest living, there is a lot of variation in the pizza depending on where you go. I’ve ordered a breakfast pizza in Missouri that had raw crust 🤢. I’ve had consistently burnt cheese at some places in Iowa. My dad loves beef, but can only find it in certain places. Sometimes they substitute gravy for cheese sauce on breakfast pizza, but you don’t know where or when. With 2,000+ stores, not all pizza is created equal. We will do the hard digging for you, to help you find the best slice near you.

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